Silver Jewelry is Timeless. While fashion trends come and go, silver jewelry remains a classic addition to any wardrobe.

Pure Silver has this natural characteristic of oxidization so there is nothing to be concerned if silver jewellery oxidizes. In fact, many people love the oxidized look of their silver ornaments and it blends very well with the skin tone of South Asians.

Silver jewellery oxidizes due to body sweat and high humidity in the air. For the best care of your silver jewellery, apply the following measures:

1) Avoid exposure of your jewellery to perfume, it is best to apply perfume first before wearing your jewellery ornaments.  Avoid wearing the jewelry before applying make-up and perfume

2) When not using your jewellery, wrap each piece of silverware in acid-free tissue paper or anti-tarnish paper. Store it in an air-tight plastic bag. This is the single MOST effective care you could provide to your jewellery.

3) Once in a while, wash your silver jewellery with soapy water added with a little detergent.

4)  You can also clean your jewellery using toothpaste and a simple soft tooth brush.

5) Make a paste of baking soda and warm water, gently rub it into the surface of the jewelry, and rinse when the tarnish is removed.

6)  You may also use the silver liquid polish but make sure it will suit your jewellery. The liquid silver polish is NOT ADVISABLE particularly for jewellery studied with gemstones.

Having said the above, many people love the oxidized look of silver jewellery. However, to answer a question as to whether a jewellery piece looks better as shining or oxidized is very relative to an individual taste and secondly to the nature of article craftsmanship. Some pieces look good when they shine, while others look more ornamental in an oxidized appearance.